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Dec. 9, 2019, 11:23 p.m.

What Happens Inside a Mosque Will Bring You True Peace

A mosque, otherwise called a Masjid in Arabic, is a place of worship in Islam. Literarily, a mosque doesn’t have to be a building specially designated for that purpose. A mosque is any space (no matter how small) clean enough for prayers to be established. It may be indoors or outdoors. Many Muslims establish a connection with God five times a day and during a special congregational prayer performed every Friday known as Jumuah. They also seek solace and stimulate the communal spirit by attending events organized in the mosques. Mosques are also known as Islamic Centers, Islamic Community Centers or Muslim Community Centers.

Mosque or Masjid?

The word mosque became part of the English language towards the end of the 14th century. It came from the French word “mosquee” which also came from the old French word “mousquaie”. Prior to that time, the French word was borrowed from the old Italian word “moscheta”. The Italians got the word either directly from the Arabic word masjid or from the old Spanish word mesquita.

Roles Involved in a Mosque

A Mosque usually consists of a spiritual leader, called an Imam, a person who recites the call to prayer, called the Muezzin, and a board of trustees.

Often times, the Imam’s duties are to lead congregational prayers, deliver sermons, oversee marriage contracts, and serve as a religious guide. The Muezzin announces the call to each 5 daily prayers by saying loudly in a melodious tone the phrase known as the Adhan.

When people hear the Adhan, they go to the mosque to worship God through prayer.

Beauty of Mosques

Mosques around the world are certainly one of the most beautiful sights to behold. The architectural details are not only unique but functional. Some features are common to almost every mosque in the world.


The Musalla is the Arabic word for the central area of prayer otherwise called the Prayer Hall. The Musalla is an empty space with prayer rugs deliberately left bare. This is because the Muslim prayer is a full body action performed directly on the floor. However, a few special provisions may be made for the elderly and the physically challenged to perform their prayers on chairs or benches. In some mosques, there are usually bookshelves around the walls to hold copies of the Qur’an and other reading materials for the congregation. There may be decorations along the walls which are in most cases, verses from the Quran written in Arabic calligraphy. However, you will not find images of people in the mosque because renderings of God and his Messengers are strictly forbidden in Islam.


This is a raised platform in the front area in the prayer hall where the Imam stands to deliver sermons or speeches. It is usually made of carved stone, brick or wood and is sometimes covered by a small dome.

Spiritual And Social Life: What a Mosque Means to Muslims

The mosque is first of all a place of spiritual development. This is because all activities in the mosque are to attain the pleasure of God. However, to Muslims around the world, the mosque means so much more than a place of worship. It is a place where friendships are made, knowledge is taught and welfare is developed.

Many mosques organize educational classes including Quran memorization lessons, study of the teachings of Islam, and other forms of knowledge. They host community events and social gatherings such as marriage ceremonies and dinners and they run charitable programs such as food donations for the less privileged. Counseling services are also available for community members as well as a center for discussion on the propagation of Islam. Most mosques have a kitchen where volunteers prepare food for those who can’t afford a daily meal. Ultimately, the mosque is a community center for Muslims.

Why Not See For Yourself

The best way to understand anything is through direct contact. Although you can read articles or watch videos about Mosques, nothing beats first-hand experience. So why not visit your local Mosque today? A marvelous new world of humility, friendliness and spiritual awakening waits for you on the other side of those doors. Enjoy!

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